We’ll be back soon!

As the founder, I am happy to announce that NicePrice was acquired in the 6th month of its foundation.

At the end of this process, which was as fun and instructive as it was challenging, I was aware that I needed to reach a lot more people to show the potential of NicePrice. The economic conditions in my country made it difficult for me to make aggressive growth moves and active marketing efforts.

To maintain this potential and take this software I trust to the next level, I had to find someone who could do it better than me. As a result of the listing I opened in MicroAcquire, I made the sale of NicePrice.

NicePrice will be back with you soon with the same strong technical infrastructure and a new face. The new leadership is excited to continue the high level of service that you're accustomed to. Additionally, they'll be adding more enhancing features that will upgrade your e-commerce experience. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestion please reach out at . We'd love to hear from you.

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