For Amazon & HepsiBurada sellers

NicePrice Amazon Repricer allows you to buy BuyBox by constantly monitoring your competitors and updating your sales prices according to market conditions.

Get ready for journey to

We fetch your inventory from Amazon Seller Central.

We fetch your inventory in a secure environment by using Amazon’s official Selling Partner API.

You determine the minimum / maximum prices for your products.

You can set minimum – maximum price limits for each of your inventory seperately. The repricer will not go out of this price range.


Stick to lowest or conquer the buybox. That is the question.

You decide whether you want to be Lowest or win the Buybox. You can reprice your inventory with our Lowest and Buybox Chaser strategies.

NicePrice starts repricing your inventory and analyzing competitors.

Amazon Repricer works 7×24 and responds to market changes instantly. Analyzes your competitors, decides for the next price you will offer, updates your Amazon price.


NicePrice tells you when to adjust limits. More sales with better profit.

When competing with your competitors, you can go too far and lower your prices a lot. Or you may never win the buybox because you are raising your prices to increase your profits. NicePrice tells you when to change your min/max limits.

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Repricing events during our first 2-weeks
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Repricing events during our first 2-weeks
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Products repriced with NicePrice
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Products repriced with NicePrice

Strategies ready to today's competitive world

Some metrics play an essential role to become the most successful seller on marketplaces. Niceprice's pre-defined strategies will help you to increase your sales.

Buybox Chaser Strategy

Aim, and shot!.. to the Buybox. Don't waste a time on Other Sellers list, get that Buybux you have deserved.

Lowest Strategy

Easy. Get the most profit while being the lowest of all offers.

Chaos Maker

Creates a chaos on the listing, detects rival sellers' pricing preferences and prices your offers acordingly to increase profit.

Basic features

Tool for every kind of business

NicePrice works for everyone


Be the best seller with the help of strategy transition automation.

FBA / FBM Sellers

Sell your products from the best price you can with price recommendations.

3rd-party Integrations

Nice Price offers integrations to Amazon stock tracking services

Inventory Reports

How do you know that your inventory is attractive?

Who likes dead listings? NicePrice shows you the listings with the least interest or the most competition. So you can clearly see which listings you need to improve and which ones you need to do marketing work for.

Price Recommendations Tool

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Repricing is simple. You set the min / max price range and the repricer will price your products automatically. The tricky part is determining these min/max ranges, and that's where NicePrice Price Recommendations comes in. NicePrice Price Recommendations tell you Amazon products that you can stay lowest or BuyBox even if you raise the price, and that you need to lower the price to stay in the BuyBox.

Pricing plans

Pricing that suits your needs

Best prices on the market. Do not believe? You can check.


For new-born stores with small inventory.



  • 1000 listings


For new-born stores that want to grow intelligently and steady.



  • 10.000 listings
  • Inventory Reports


For experienced sellers with a rich inventory.



  • 25.000 listings
  • Inventory Reports
  • Price Recommendations


For the ones who are playing the game. For BIG inventories.



  • 50.000 listings
  • Inventory Reports
  • Price Recommendations

Import your Amazon inventory in minutes.